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Marcie Sincebaugh Leib

Founder / Licensed & Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

Marcie is a native Ithacan and a graduate of both Fordham University at Lincoln Center, and the Finger Lakes School of Massage. Believing that massage is better described as the art of touch, Marcie is devoted to practicing that art form with presence and precision. She offers exquisite individual attention, tailoring each session to specific needs. Marcie's signature massage explores the cultural crossroads where eastern and western thought meet, honoring both traditions to benefit your body. By gracefully layering her specialties, Connective Tissue Therapy and Shiatsu, with Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy and Kinesthetic Awareness through Movement, Marcie provides a fluid and textured experience. She loves working deeply and slowly, and enjoys the variety of challenges her differing clients bring her – from chronic pain and repetitive use issues to dealing with anxiety and tension disorders. Marcie is attuned to the second level of Reiki and regularly integrates Energy Work with massage. It is her desire to help her clients attain better body consciousness and greater comfort through the art of massage.

"I offer exquisite individual attention, tailoring each session to your specific needs."

Marcie Sincebaugh Leib

Satisfied Clients

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"Marcie at Deeply Devoted Massage is AMAZING! I have had neck issues for years now and it is hard for me to find relief. Not only was it an extremely relaxing massage, but it also gave me relief from the day to day pains I have in my upper shoulders and neck. One of the best massage sessions I have ever had."
-Alex H.

Miracle Worker

"I was lured in by the good price and keep coming back for the amazing massages. I suffer from migraines and have been seeing Marcie almost weekly for hour-long massages. She is nothing short of a miracle worker. I walk in with a headache and leave feeling like I've been transported to another world right in the middle of the Ithaca Commons. I've been to several massage therapists in town and as long as Marcie is here, I will never need to go to another."
-Mx N.

Great Listener

"I have chronic neck and back pain. Only deep tissue massage works for me. Marcie has been great to help me get relief every time I visit her. She has a lot of techniques, skills, and importantly for me, the strength to help assuage the pain. She is great about listening to you and incorporating that feedback!"
-Manny K.