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Satisfied Clients

Our Clients Love Us! Read their rave reviews.

As Good As It Gets

"I've had several therapists in my 25 years, and as an athlete and a total hedonist, I can honestly say Deeply Devoted is by far and wide the best massages I've ever had. The thoroughness and specific attention to problem areas ensures that I'm totally relaxed, and blissed-out. I always get excited after I schedule an appointment and from beginning to end I enjoy the heck out of my time on the table. Not only are the prices BEYOND reasonable, it's money WELL, WELL worth it. Literally as good as it gets, I don't just like Deeply Devoted, I LOVE DEEPLY DEVOTED!"

-Kate W.

Totally Relaxed

"After graduation weekend in the food industry there was nothing better than a session with Deeply Devoted. Word can't express the relaxation I felt when I was done. Totally relaxed atmosphere and a great experience. "

-Daniel S.

nothing short of amazing

"I have been going regularly to Deeply Devoted Massage for over a year and that is because I have come to the conclusion that there is no better massage. The attention to detail and ability to find the sore spots that you have, or haven't even acknowledged yet, is nothing short of amazing. I will continue to make regular appointments and always look forward to each session. I also highly recommend the couples massage and the four hands massage when available!"

-Dan W.

Athletic Training Recovery

"I'm beginning to train for different running races and Deeply Devoted has helped me so much with recovery and getting my muscles to not scream at night after a hard run!"

-Dina M.

the best massage ever

"My husband and I had a couples massage here and it was really fabulous. We both left feeling totally amazing. They took such great care of us! We were both kind of a mess, full of areas that needed attention, and we both felt like every single issue was handled perfectly. I had a bunch of spots that needed lots of pressure, and she just totally went for it. I also felt like she was extremely intuitive - she seemed to know exactly what I needed every step of the way. My shoulders in particular just always give me problems - and wow did she take care of them. I wanted to videotape it so I could show my husband so he could do that for me every day. Probably the best massage I have ever had!! We truly felt cared for, and can't wait to go back."

-Lola B.

A Gift for the Body

"I took advantage of a special price offer Deeply Devoted Massage offered when they first opened for business. I didn't really have any expectations, but I am happy to say I couldn't have been more pleased! From the minute you walk in the door, to the time you float back out to the world, the Deeply Devoted experience is wonderful. The hour on the massage table is such a gift to the body. I get massages there regularly now and my body and mind are better for it!"

-Rebecca D.

felt better instantly

"I went to Deeply Devoted because I was having neck problems. Nothing I had tried worked (including chiropractor and physical therapy). After my massage, my neck felt better instantly! I would highly recommend Deeply Devoted. I'm a client for life!"

-Angela G.

very good listeners

"I have chronic neck and back pain. Only deep tissue massage works for me. Deeply Devoted has been great to help me get relief every time I visit. The techniques, skills and strength help assuage the pain. They are very good about listening and incorporating feedback!"

-Manny K.

Relief from Pain

"Deeply Devoted Massage is AMAZING! I have had neck issues for years now and it is hard for me to find relief. Not only was it an extremely relaxing massage, but it also gave me relief from the day to day pains I have in my upper shoulders and neck. One of the best massage sessions I have ever had."

-Amanda G.

little personal miracle

"Wow, I've had good massages, but the impact of Deeply Devoted was even better than I first thought. My body felt amazing during and after, but I realized as I was on my way home that my whole life-mood had shifted. A lot of heaviness I'd been feeling lately was dissipated, and I felt so much more confident, peaceful and hopeful! Your massage ushered in a very welcome little personal miracle."

-Sophia S.

miracle worker

"I was lured in by the good price and keep coming back for the amazing massages. I suffer from migraines and have been seeing Marcie almost weekly for hour-long head/neck/shoulder massages. She is nothing short of a miracle worker. I walk in with a headache and leave feeling like I've been transported to another world right in the middle of the Ithaca Commons. I've been to several massage therapists in town and as long as Marcie is here, I will never need to go to another."

-Mx N.


"Katie made my shoulder feel amazingly better! I have so much more range of motion and much less pain. She is miraculous! Thank you!! After graduation weekend in the food industry there was nothing better than a session with deeply devoted. Word can't express the relaxation I felt when I was done. Totally relaxed atmosphere and a great experience."

-Polly K.

Best Value Ever

"I've had several massages in the Ithaca area and now I can stop searching for the right one, thanks to Deeply Devoted!!! The atmosphere is warm, inviting and comfortable. And the price is way less than what it should be. Best value ever! It's so great to be able to afford massages because I really need them in my active and stressful life! Thank you Deeply Devoted!"

-Noelle F.

The name really speaks for itself

"The therapist at Deeply Devoted did a wonderful job on relieving my lower back pain. The name really speaks for itself, they are Devoted to what they do, and are very good at it. Thanks again for a great experience!"

-Gary B.

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